Organized by:

Chinese Society for Biological Rhythms (CSCB-CSBR)
Aschoff-Honma Memorial Foundation
Henan University
State Key Laboratory of Crop Stress Adaptation and Improvement, China
Chinese Sleep Research Society


5th Asian Forum on Chronobiology (2021 AFC)

Kaifeng, China. July 14-19, 2021

      The 5th Asian Forum on Chronobiology, powered by the Chinese Society for Biological Rhythms (CSBR), Aschoff-Honma Memorial Foundation, and Henan University, will be a virtual & onsite meeting that is taking place in Kaifeng, China. Please reserve the following dates: July 14-19, 2021. At the same time, the organizing committee will host the 2021 International Chronobiology Summer School (July 13-14).

      Registration for the virtual 2021 AFC and ChronoSchool is free for all overseas online attendants.

      The theme of the 2021 AFC is "Chronobiology: Circadian Rhythms and Environmental Adaptation". The forum will bring together scientists from the field of Chronobiology in Asia, Europe and North America. The format of the meeting will maximize the researchers' discussion of the significance and mechanism of temporal and spatial expression of circadian oscillators. The forum will open “Keynote Session”, 15-16 “Symposiums”, including “Aschoff and Honma Memorial Symposium” and “Young PI Symposium”. Topics will include entrainment, molecular mechanisms, hierarchical multioscillator coupling, differentiation, development, metabolism, sleep disorder, biotic and abiotic resistance, and so on.   Submit your abstract and/or poster by May 10 for full consideration for an regular oral presentation and/or poster presentation for graduate students. Registration is now open, and early bird registration ends May 10, 2021.


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